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This article was written on 20 Sep 2012, and is filed under Gaza Report.

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Harry Fear / Oxford

In November–December, I’m returning to Gaza to work full-time as an independent reporter, producing content for GazaReport.com.

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Enormous thanks to the 26 amazing funders, who pledged their support to make the trip possible:

  • Christopher Evans (contributes again)
  • Hashim Hassan
  • Anonymous funder (contributes again)
  • Anonymous funder (contributes again)
  • Anonymous funder
  • Jeannette Lucas
    “Thank you for your reporting about the Israel/Palestinian conflict with honesty and courage and truth… we as citizens need to know and be aware… so we can hold our goverments accountable for their crimes.”
  • Anonymous funder
    “May [God] bless your work and reward you immensely. Gaza needs more people like you. Gaza is so proud of you.”
  • Andre Keppner
  • Nadir Patel
    “Great work Harry, it really is inspirational what you’re doing. And please keep safe!”
  • Jonathan Mansfield
    “All the best Harry”
  • Anonymous funder
  • Anonymous funder
  • Anonymous funder
  • Anonymous funder
    “May [God Almighty] keep you safe and reward you for all your efforts [God willing] 🙂 May your honesty and truthfulness bring you success in all that you do (Amen)”
  • Anonymous funder
    “Thanks for doing what you do”
  • Anonymous funder
    “Good luck with your great efforts for a very worthy cause”
  • Louise O’Leary
  • Hamza Ali
    “Support this good cause”
  • Anonymous funder
    “I want to support you… no need to thank me because you are doing [this] for my country… I’m doing this for Allah and the freedom of my home land…”
  • Stuart Walsh
    “Well done Harry, you are an inspiration to others. Stay safe.”
  • Patricia Odell
    “Thank you Harry for all you are doing to raise awareness of the terrible injustice in Gaza. Heard you speak this evening in Reading and you were inspirational. Good luck!”
  • Reading Palestine Solidarity Campaign Collection
  • Anonymous funder
    “Hope it goes well Harry, be safe bro :)”
  • Anonymous funder
    “Photographer and social reformer Lewis Hine once said ‘If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera.’ Harry does both and I encourage you to support his valuable work.”
  • Anonymous funder
    “Invaluable work… keep it up sir… everyone can make a difference… no matter how small…”
  • Anonymous funder
    “The Gaza Reports are well and truly worth investing in. These first-hand accounts go beyond average mainstream reporting to give a much more comprehensive and personalised view of life in Gaza which is so desperately needed for Western audiences. The world needs more of these sincere efforts so I’d urge everyone to show their support.
    All the best, Harry! Please send our Brothers and Sisters our heartfelt love, prayers and support. Stay safe :)”
  • Achmed Azizie
  • Adam Flude
    ‘God bless you for raising awareness of the abomination of the ANTI-DEMOCRATIC and inhumane UK-government-supported siege of Gaza. God bless all of our peace loving brothers and sisters in Gaza and the rest of Occupied Palestine and Occupied Syria. Please send them our love, from the ordinary people of the UK who do NOT support our government’s nurturing and rewards for Israel’s crimes against humanity.’
  • Christopher Evans
    “Wishing you a wonderfully productive trip.”

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Thank you to everyone who has supported this mission, with their love, energy and funds.

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