Solution for Time Machine ‘error while restoring from the backup’

I had a nightmare restoring from a Time Capsule backup. Eventually I found a little-documented solution.

In Brief

– I was unable to restore from a Time Machine backup. Error: “An error occurred while restoring from the backup.” I found next to nothing online to solve this problem.

– The error log showed a “[RESTORE] critical failure (error: -5000…” for which there is no support online.

– The problem affected Time Machine backups on both a USB drive and an Apple Time Capsule.

– The solution is to identify the corrupted files in question and quarantine them before manually restoring them.

– On Time Capsule backups, this solution is more complicated because of how the backups are saved and how difficult it is to edit them.

The problem

I was trying to restore my machine from a Time Machine backup to a new laptop in recovery mode.

A few hours into the restore (about three-quarters of the way through the data transfer) the restoration would always fail with “An error occurred while restoring from the backup.”

I retried the backup to no avail; I got the same error. On inspecting the log (Window -> Log Window), I saw that there was a “critical failure” that was not being handled gracefully by the Time Machine System Restore app in recovery mode. [Hat tip to drice99 for bringing the installer log to my attention, and Tom Fox for the photo below but one.]

In my case, the file or folder that I later found out was corrupted was a Mac App Store receipt folder for an application called “WiFi Signal”. It later turned out that this app would always (at least on my system) produce a corrupt “_MASReceipt/receipt” folder. My final solution was to completely delete the app and find an alternative so that my fresh Time Machine backups don’t get corrupted from this dodgy folder.

I wasn’t able to take another backup from my old machine. I had to fix the Time Machine backup to restore my system. Editing the Time Machine backup to remove the dodgy folder was difficult.

The solution

(1) Initially I needed a Finder and Terminal window so I had to setup the new Mac as new with no user data so I could fully access the Time Machine backup to apply the fix. Then I connected the backup to the Mac.

(2) In the case of the Time Capsule I had to first mount the backup:

• In Terminal, I ran these commands:

sudo su -

First we escalate our privileges.

hdiutil attach -nomount -readwrite -noverify -noautofsck /Volumes/TimeMachine/<my-backup>.sparsebundle

Then we mount the Time Capsule ‘sparse bundle’ as if it is a disk.


• By now I had the Time Capsule Time Machine backup of my system mounted as if it was a USB drive Time Machine backup. (So you can skip this second step if you’re working with a USB drive and not a Time Capsule.)

(3) Then I had to delete the problematic folder that was identified in the log:

I took a backup of the folder I was deleting and put it on a USB thumb drive.

Then in Terminal, I ran this command:

sudo /System/Library/Extensions/TMSafetyNet.kext/Contents/MacOS/bypass rm -rfv /Volumes/[disk]/Backups.backupdb/[path]

NOTE: Since High Sierra the path of the bypass tool has changed, so use:

sudo /System/Library/Extensions/TMSafetyNet.kext/Contents/Helpers/bypass rm -rfv /Volumes/[disk]/Backups.backupdb/[path]

This command uses a Time Capsule ‘Safety Net’ feature that lets us ‘bypass’ restrictions and ‘remove’ (rm) the problematic folder.

To make this more easy to follow, he’s a real world example:

sudo /System/Library/Extensions/TMSafetyNet.kext/Contents/Helpers/bypass rm -rfv /Volumes/Backups/Backups.backupdb/Harry\'s\ Mac/2018-03-01-095034/Macintosh HD/Users/harryfear/Library/Application Support/WiFi Signal/_MASRreceipt

Note that where your path has apostrophes and spaces (such as with Apple computer names like Harry’s Mac), you’ll have to escape those characters by putting a backslash before them as I did above. So, …/John’s iMac/… becomes …/John\’s\ iMac/…


(4) Then go back into Recovery mode on the Mac and reattempt to restore from the modified backup. Let me know if it doesn’t work.